list of works

    Music theater

    [in]operabilities#1: A SINGTHING
    2021, Aria evening / music theater, 70 min (concept, composition & performance)

    Mixed feelings {video}
    2021, Co-feeling-Opera, 75 min (concept, composition & performance)

    All watched over by machines of loving grace
    2021, Music theater, 60 min (Composition)

    Ritournelle {video}
    2019, music theater, 80 min (music, performance)

    Kolik {video}
    2018, music theater, 90 min (audio drama and electronics)

    Abhängigkeitserklärung {video}
    2018, music theater for extremly mixed choir, 70 min (media composition)

    Winterreise / Preliminary Study for a Nomadic Life {video}
    2016, concert/performance, 60 min (musical adaption, performance)

    Wernherchens Mondfahrt
    2015, music theater/concert somnambule, 60 min (concept, composition, voice)

    UNGEDULD {video}
    2015, for 3 voices and live-electronics, 60 min (concept, composition, direction)

    2014, piece for two friends and participatory choir, 30 min (composition, performance)

    Swanns Melodie
    2013, music theater/staged concert, 60 min (concept, composition, voice)


    kaktus firmus {video}
    2020, site-specific installation / performance

    Bias Dialogs {video}
    2019, piece for voice, live-electronics, sensor & two blankets, 20 min

    Hey Leo {video}
    2018, omnidirectional chatterbot melodrama, 15 min

    Teleprompter Paradise {video}
    2017, Electronica Melodrama, 35 min

    The Reply {video}
    2016, piece for performer, video & live-electronics, 15 min

    Pachinko Playalong {video}
    2014, performative audio drama for 2 performers, interfaces and live-video, 30 min

    From Primordial Soup To My Ideals Of Natural Order {video}
    2014, performative audio drama for performer, blinds, wireless headphones, 40 min

    Music in Training
    2014, site-specific piece for two runners, 10 min

    2013, piece for voice & live-electronics, 15 min

    A. wie Albertine {video}
    2012, piece for voice, gestures & live-electronics, 12 min

    An die verehrte Körperschaft {video}
    2012, piece for gestures & live-electronics, 7 min

    Audio drama

    Lecker Song
    2021, audio drama, 35 min (concept, composition, direction)

    Der Ofen
    2020, audio drama, 5 min (concept, composition)

    Lala means I love Lala
    2018, audio drama, 27 min (concept, composition)

    Mobile Karma
    2017, audio drama, 12 min (concept, composition)

    SEKUNDENSCHLAF. Eine Radiowellen-Navigation
    2015, audio drama, 12 min (concept, composition)


    Lala Walk Through
    2019, performative audioguide

    Hausen {website}
    2017, musik theater living project

    Radio Happenings
    2016, installation / re-enactment (music and media composition)

    2015, installation/performance (media composition, performance)

    Flugschreiber (near miss #1) {video}
    2014, video and sound installation

    Muschelrauschen (wind.attach) {video}
    2012, composition with sound and air for modified headphones

    Membran (wind.attach)
    2011, sound installation

    Lobby (wind.attach)
    2011, sound installation


    Senza Ora
    2021, music theater Désiree Meiser (performance)

    Lala’s got a secret
    2019, staged concert (concept, performance)

    2019, puppet theater by DALANG & Co (music)

    Am I talking to you or am I just talking to the phone
    2018, sound installation by Benjamin van Bebber & Zahava Rodrigo (media integration)

    Principal Boy
    2018, music theater installation by Raphael Sbrzesny (sound, performance)

    Natura Naturata
    2017, video by Marion Tampon-Lajarriette (soundtrack)

    Urbana Kalevala
    2016, puppet theater by Sektion Uffjäiden (music and media composition)

    Arnold is (not) here
    2016, scenic concert by Ensemble Nuance (mise-en-scene)

    Wagala Weia Äquivalent
    2015, music theater by Angela Bürger, 30 min (composition, performance)

    Kunstwerke sind Erlebnismodelle
    2015, music theater by Lukas Huber (voice, cello)

    Traumboy {website}
    2015, performance by Daniel Hellmann (composition/sounddesign)

    Frida fliegt aus dem Konzert {video}
    2015, children music theater by PhanTasten (composition/sounddesign)

    Kreuzzug der Schweine
    2014, puppet theatre by Figurentheater Vagabu (composition/sounddesign)

    2013, theater piece by Tatsiana Navumava (composition, performance)

    Beckett Quadrat III – still crazier invention {website}
    2013, music theater/performance by Raphael Sbrzesny (media art, performance)

    [R e s t R i s i k o] {video} {website}
    2012, piece by Johannes S. Sistermanns (media art, performance)

    Ghostcity {website}
    2011, theater installation by Marius Kob (composition)